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iJournals is a website that gathers informative journals, articles and other publications regarding the education and research aspects of the computational software program Mathematica.

Mathematica is a computational software program used in the scientific, engineering, economic and mathematical fields as well as other areas of technical computing. It was created by Stephen Wolfram and is developed by Wolfram Research.

Mathematica is an invaluable tool for modeling and simulation on a large number of issues and mathematical problems. Doing much more than simply grinding out numbers, doing statistical estimations and rendering graphical plots and visuals, Mathematica enables these users to do all of that and more in a unified environment.

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On this site you will find many resources pertaining to Mathematica and other useful computational software.

The "Journals" page you will find a wealth of Journals and other publications regarding mathematical. Including: The Mathematica Journal, which publishes articles and packages on all aspects of Mathematica and on related subjects. As well as the Journal of Statistical Software, which publishes articles, book reviews, code snippets, and software reviews on the subject of statistical software and algorithms.

Our "News" page has all the update information that users of computational software should know. Please see the recent article about the new research that seems to suggested a link between the use of professional interpreter services during emergency department (ED) visits and higher levels of patient and provider satisfaction.

Books and software related to Mathematica and other computational software can be found on the "Products" page. The list includes a wide range of software available at the Wolfram website, as well as many books on the uses of Mathematica for various fields of mathematic study.

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